New York Street Style

There’s something about the city that just makes you feel so inspired! New York is such an epitome of the American Dream.. so many cultures and opportunities. Nothing is handed to you but if you are willing to work for it there are chances at every corner. After this last trip I revitalized my thoughts of one day moving there.

NYFW is the epicenter of fashion when it comes to the states, second to Paris Fashion Week and just a dream in general. What I really like is not just seeing the big brands but being inspired but the people around you. Today’s post is about being inspired by their fashion. I tried to discreetly pull out my phone for a quick shot whenever I saw someone wearing something notable and let me tell you I had a whole notes page in my phone adding styling tips to try for upcoming shoots.

Check out my faves below and let me know which is your favorite!

While exaggerated sleeves like this one tend to be more of a sweeter style, this girl made it so edgy.

Personally I think this is more of a cool, club attire but I’m so here for bringing it out to the streets of Soho.

The color palette of this friend group is just on point!

Giving me flashbacks from all of my private school days but so on trend.

These guys were taking pictures of each other at an event and both of their outfit’s energies are unmatched.

This man was going to one of the runway shows I was attending and the fact he stopped at this stand for a water… I could not miss this perfect NY shot!

I recently shot a similar look so great minds think alike!

Again, school girl vibes are IT for Fall.

I didn’t get a good enough shot of this look but let me tell you it was so good.

Not sure if she purposely was wearing her jacket off one shoulder but it was an effortless cool girl look.

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