The Poster Store

If you’ve been keeping up with me you know I recently made the move back to LA. With that came all of the fun of decorating my new space! I half like it but I also half don’t because I know what I like but I never know how to get it to that point. Enter in The Poster Store.

Not only was it easy to decorate with pieces that were already made, but they are already grouped together so you could stick with pieces that represent a similar vibe. I picked more “fashion forward” clean pieces with a gold frame, but there were a ton of prints at a variety of sizes with the perfect frame sizes to match.

The Before…

The posters were delivered straight to my door and I opened and set up all three posters within 30 minutes by myself no tools needed. They are sturdy and look clean and crisp and while the frames aren’t glass they look just like glass and its perfect for living somewhere like LA where there are the occasional earthquakes.

The After

I definitely recommend to anyone who is wanting to spice up a space, make a new poster wall, or even just get inspiration from some fun prints!

 Use code BRIANA45for 45% off your order!

*gives 45% off on all posters (excludes Selection posters & frames). Cannot be combined with other discounts. Valid for one week.*

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