NYC Photo Dump

Can I just start off by saying that I was very disappointed that I bought a disposable camera for my trip to New York and then when I got back I had to send in the camera which will take up to 3 weeks to develop. I mean I get they are outdated now but three weeks is a bit much in my opinion for what used to take an hour or so. I understand but I don’t. Other than that one mishap, I really enjoyed my girls trip to New York as I hadn’t been in much too long. We skipped the touristy things and opted for a few different sights and local areas. Here is a quick round up of my quick trip, I can’t wait to go again soon!

New York is always fun and an amazing experience that is different every time. I highly recommend asking the people around you how to get to one place or another or popular spots. New Yorkers are fast paced, but for the most part are eager to help. I of course recommend wearing comfy shoes because of all of the walking. That was one down side, since transportation is usually done by subway or Uber, it was a bit much trying to stuff outfits in a backpack to shoot. Also, hand sanitizer is a necessity, Covid or not.

It is also one of those places where you have to really look hard into where you are because you never know when there is a cool spot right beside you. I also recommend the Hudson Yards area. We had fun exploring the edge and standing on the glass floor, but the mall itself was gorgeous too as well as the area around it.

While this trip was a bit different because Covid has placed many restrictions, I was glad to get a taste of it again. It’s such a different vibe from California which I am used to. Each unique and special in their own right.

Where do you want to travel to post covid?

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