What’s in my Shopping Cart

Are you about to impluse buy the items below? Maybe. I know I did, so I thought I’d share the items in my shopping cart so I wouldn’t be all alone. As always, click on the picture for a direct link to the shopping page.

What’s in your shopping cart?

As the weather gets cooler, of course, pants are becoming a must. I realized I don’t really own many pairs of trousers, my pants are mostly just denim jeans, so I bought the following pants from Forever 21 to fill in the spaces in my wardrobe.. or should I say the little space that is left in my closet.

Shackets are all the rage right now, and for good reason. Such a good look for when its cooler in the mornings/evenings and hotter during the day. Cool and cozy.

I cannot stop eyeing Steve Madden’s latest collection! The boots have me swooning, from the Gucci dupes to the essential neutrals, they are all a must.

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