Trending : Pleather

Sweater weather? You mean pleather weather. (I’m ashamed to admit that I wrote that down in my phone just to remember for this post.) Of course faux leather is huge for the cooler months. Pleather for Winter? Groundbreaking. -Miranda Presley

But seriously, I am loving the faux leather blazers, trousers and satchels, oh my! And as the neutral queen that I am, I rounded up a few good ones for you to check out below.

What is the one fabric you are LOVING right now?

I assume that the faux leather industry is similar to the faux fur industry as it is better for the animals when the fabric is imitation but probably has some kind of effect on the environment. While I do not know the statistics on the leather industry (please comment if you do) I again assume that it is a segment of fast fashion. The pants that I have pictured were only $25 and while I plan to make good use out of them, not everyone can or does. This again seems to be a toss-up but worth looking into if you are interested in a long-wear pair.

Pants : Forever 21

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