How to Make your Outfits Dynamic

Here’s one thing about me, when I am getting ready, there has to be a certain balance in my outfit. A lot of the time I feel like something is missing or I need a focal point. I remember seeing some of the girls in my sorority in college get dressed up to take pictures and thinking to myself, there’s nothing special about their outfit. It wasn’t me trying to put them down, but in my head, it just wasn’t that dynamic. What takes a story to the next level to win a Pulitzer? The uniqueness, the innovation, the simple details that draw the reader in.

When I dissect an outfit I love I analyze every detail. My long skinny jeans will not give me the same effect as a girl wearing the same jeans that hit perfectly at her ankles. And it seems pretty easy to know how to mix up an outfit when you know what you’re looking for! While a regular sweater, jeans, and booties from Nordstrom will do great on the gram, I’m looking to mix up the lengths and fits to make it unique. Maybe it’s just the subtle things that I notice that don’t mean much to others, but if they’re into styling they know what I mean.

The most common way to enhance your outfit is, of course, accessories. I’m no longer a fan of a chunky necklace, but to me a thin gold chain can make all the difference. A bag that matches your nail color draws the eye to your hands. A monochromatic look can stand out more than a bold colorful one. The devil truly is in the details.

Three things make my outfit dynamic.

  1. The lengths. The cropped sweater gives enough skin so I am not overwhelmed by black since my pants are tucked into my boots and give the illusion of one big piece
  2. The bag. The slight dimension of color change gives another layer to the outfit without going to far out of the palette
  3. The pants tucked in. My pants are not perfectly tucked in especialy because they have a slit down the center and I am able to let a flap out, that gives it more of an effortless look

At the end of it all, just pay attention to what makes you like one outfit verses another. I’m sure its more about the exact wash or where the distressing is on denim or how a girls hair falls perfectly out of her cap. Look for the little things.

Pants : Forever 21

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