Morning Skincare Routine

I’ve been dipping a bit more into skincare since I read that skinfluencers are becoming more popular. Also, ever since I’ve been back in Texas I have been getting small pimples on my forehead which also prompted my interest. I started seeing how many girls have long routines, and while I have a few more steps in my nighttime skincare regimen, I do not do more than a few steps. My skin responds best when I do not put a lot of product on it, and I will try a weekly mask to compensate for the steps I took out. I would stay that you should definitely find what works for your skin and stick with it.


Cleanser : I usually switch between my Neutrogena face wash and YTTP Superfood Cleanser both are gentle and equally cleansing

I like to follow up with the YTTP resurfacing energy facial, I feel like it really helps get anything out that was left in my pores from the night before

Next up is serum. I love this one by drunk elephant, but I am also really loving this one by versed

Eye cream is a must for me because I am prone to dark circles. Recently I’ve been using bye bye under eye cream by IT Cosmetics

Lastly, I apply my sunscreen to my face, neck and the tops of my hands. I’ve been using this one from drunk elephant because it feels so light

Here is a link to more of my favorite skincare products :

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