Birthday Blog Post!

I’m 24 years old today! Crazy to think that I have been alive for 24 years and I hope to be blessed with many more years to come. I had a great time celebrating back home this past weekend for my 24th with my friends and family. And then tonight I am going to celebrate with some of my new LA friends.

I thought I would do a fun shoot for my birthday with some creative shots that are a bit different than just a casual #ootd! I actually saw something similar on Instagram and I went to a craft store and made a crown, bought a yard and a half of tulle, and then a new dress from Topshop. Can I just say how thankful I am to Nordstrom for keeping the Topshop at the Grove?! So glad that huge store is there!

I was sooo happy to go home for the weekend. I have been really missing home and I really know what it’s like now to be homesick. I miss Texas so much from the people in general to the food. I am so glad I moved and experienced new things, but I definitely see myself moving back home!

Tuesday my actual birthday I have plans to go to a karaoke bar with all of my blogger friends and co-workers and just have fun. I feel like usually, a nice dinner would be better, but I wanted to do something different and get to hang out with the girls and just have fun! I am so blessed to have been able to celebrate both back home and here in LA.

Dress : Topshop

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