Healthy Habits

I recently saw this post on another blog and I think that I have touched on this topic before. I wanted to reintroduce it to the blog and give some of the pointers that I have come to learn about myself. I don’t want to include things like drinking your water and getting enough sleep because those are a given! Check out a few of the things I do often that make me feel healthy and happy overall.

Balanced Diet : When I say this I mean make sure there is a balance with your sweets and healthy foods. You have to eat both in good proportions for your body type to be happy and feel healthy. Too much or two little of either is not good!

Moisturize your skin : If you want to stay looking younger and have a healthy glow then throw on creams and serums! Extra points to you for adding in sunscreen!

Drinks your greens : I like to do fruit and veggie smoothies in the morning to make sure I feel full and start off my day right! Its an easy way to get in my intake of healthy foods.

Cut out toxic people : Know your limits with people and when people no longer benefit you and have a good impact in your life, move on and wish them the best no matter what position they hold in your life.

Say your prayers : This one is the most powerful and most needed. Being a good person is just not enough sometimes, you need to reconnect and remember that you have the best love and support that there ever is and that’s something that

Splurge on yourself : Buy yourself something nice, or do your nails or get your hair blown out. Little things like this make you feel good and everyone needs these every once in a while!

Bond : Whether it be with an animal or with a family member or even a new friend, making time to hang out and get close to someone is always good for both of you!

I was inspired by the Lady Gaga album cover “Joanne” for this one! I was told by two different people that I resemble Lady Gaga and I do not really think so! Maybe just like a certain angle?

Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity?

Hat : Lack of colors  // Dress : Thrifted


Birthday Blog Post!

I’m 24 years old today! Crazy to think that I have been alive for 24 years and I hope to be blessed with many more years to come. I had a great time celebrating back home this past weekend for my 24th with my friends and family. And then tonight I am going to celebrate with some of my new LA friends.

I thought I would do a fun shoot for my birthday with some creative shots that are a bit different than just a casual #ootd! I actually saw something similar on Instagram and I went to a craft store and made a crown, bought a yard and a half of tulle, and then a new dress from Topshop. Can I just say how thankful I am to Nordstrom for keeping the Topshop at the Grove?! So glad that huge store is there!

I was sooo happy to go home for the weekend. I have been really missing home and I really know what it’s like now to be homesick. I miss Texas so much from the people in general to the food. I am so glad I moved and experienced new things, but I definitely see myself moving back home!

Tuesday my actual birthday I have plans to go to a karaoke bar with all of my blogger friends and co-workers and just have fun. I feel like usually, a nice dinner would be better, but I wanted to do something different and get to hang out with the girls and just have fun! I am so blessed to have been able to celebrate both back home and here in LA.

Dress : Topshop