Traveling Alone + San Diego Must Trys

I recently visited San Diego, California with my mom for one of her business trips. I tagged along and walked around while she was in her conference and I was able to visit parts of the city I had not been to on previous trips. While I really did not mind being by myself, I did however definitely lack a camera person to take all of my pictures.

Traveling alone is actually very new to me, but I really enjoy it! You are on your own time and you do not have to wait around for anyone else. A few of my tips for traveling alone are to have a plan to know where you are going, let someone else know your plans even if they are not in your area, have a way to take pictures or do what you need without someone’s help (i.e. selfie stick, maps), and don’t stress! Enjoy the new experience and do things even though it is just you!

A few of my favorite things that I did while I was in San Diego include :

Holy Matcha : This was the cutest place to take pictures! I love all the pink and matching green and if you are a matcha lover like I am you cannot get enough of this place. Plus who doesn’t love donuts?!

Pigment : The cutest little shop with great finds like jewelry and candles. Also there are so many places to take cute pictures here as well like the pink wall!

The beach: Did you really even go to California if you did not visit the beach or the mountains?! Ocean beach is one of the main beaches and it’s beyond beautiful! Clear water and soft sand, definitely a must!

La Jolla : Okay not necessarily San Diego but a must nonetheless. So beautiful, great weather, and picture perfect at every turn! Definitely gives off the chill Cali lifestyle vibes!

Romper : Forever 21 (similar) // Shoes : Nordstrom // Jean Jacket : Forever 21 // Necklace : (similar)


20 thoughts on “Traveling Alone + San Diego Must Trys

  1. All the places you visited are so pretty, I don’t think I can travel alone! I get quite lonely since I’m not too keen on chalking up a conversation with people. Your photos turned out amazing though!


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