Go-To Beach Products

I got my inspiration for this post from my last visit to San Diego. I had such a fun time and the beach was definitely my favorite spot! I thought I would share a few of my go-to products I take in my beach bag since Summer is quickly approaching! Honestly a few of these products I have not used in a while but I love to use these when I can. Definitely find the products that work for you and let me know what kind of brands are your favorite!

Kopari Organic Coconut Melt : So I have not used this product yet but I have heard so many good things from different sources! I am all for the all natural products with ingredients you understand and that is what Kopari has! Use this melt for hydrating your skin and repairing it after a good tan sesh!

First Aid Beauty Sunscreen Moisturizer : Two-in-one products like these are my favorite because they are easy to throw on without all of the excess products. Always have a specific sunscreen for different parts of your body! Don’t spray the same body sunscreen on your face since they are made for different parts of you!

Coola Sunless Tan Dry Body Oil : I’m not one for a fake tan, but if you are going to try to get a little color without the harsh sun, go for a product like this one that adds vitamins to your skin and contains no parabens or sulfates!

Neutrogena Sunscreen : I think the most important part of sunscreen is getting the right SPF! Based off your skin tone, make sure you get a higher or lower number for the SPF. I also just really trust Neutrogena with my skin, so even for my body I like to use their products since they are great for people with sensitive skin.

Tony Moly Face Mask : While this isn’t usually a product for the beach, definitely do a hydrating face mask after a trip to the beach. You skin will need a little extra love and care and Tony Moly has some of my favorite masks! Easy to use and fast working, make sure to get a hydrating mask since the sun will dry out your skin, the one I linked has aloe which is even better for after going to the beach!

Top : PacSun // Shorts : One x One Teaspoon // Shoes : Jack Rogers



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