Flower Vault + Picture Pointers

This was definitely one of the most fun shoots I have had! I got to shoot with my best friends at a fun place called the Flower Vault in San Antonio. I think they are only open until the end of April but if you are in the area I would definitely recommend to schedule your appointment to go and visit!

I think the fun part was going to experience this with my friends. Yes it is fun to go take cute pictures at places around your city, but I think that who you go with is the most important! Getting to go visit somewhere new and documenting it is the best! Some of my tips for planning out a fun shoot?

Plan the outfit before hand

Don’t try a new hair or makeup look that day: go with a look you know you love!

Add some fun accessories you know will compliment where you are shooting, if the wall is pink, wear a complimentary color like white

Make your poses natural and keep moving: candid shots are the best!

Take your time : Great photos sometimes take a bit longer, but when you get the hang of it it becomes easier!

Jumper : Free People // Tube Top : TopShop // Shoes : Nordstrom

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