Fitness Tips + Tricks

I know everyone is all about getting back into shape since it’s a new year and summer is quickly approaching. So for a little #fitnessinspo I decided to share some ways I have learned to stay in shape. Really it is all about consistency. Not stopping and creating a routine will take you so much farther than a diet and the occasional jog. I also included some amazing accounts to follow. Constantly being reminded of your goal will help you stick to it!

  1. Get multiple workout partners : not only will they push you to keep your routine, if one cannot go there is always someone else to go with
  2. Sticky notes : I do this when I am on a diet, notes like “You Got This” and “Think about your GOAL” inside of the fridge or on a mirror will keep you remembering about being healthy throughout the day
  3. No eating past 7 : So I do this all the time, after 7 p.m. I stop eating anything except for drinking water. I’ve made sure to eat all of my 1200 calories for the day and after that I stick to just getting my 8 glasses of water in
  4. Cardio + Strength : I always warm up with at least 15-20 minutes of cardio and if I’m in the mood I’ll do more! But I always pick one muscle group that day to focus on and work out fully to accompany the cardio
  5. Workout three times a week & mix it up : This week I did my cardio and strength workout twice and went for an hour long hike as well. Mix it up to make sure your body is not always doing the same thing but staying challenged!
  6. Never underestimate a good yoga sesh : This is my favorite way to exercise! I always love a good stretch! I also learned that before a workout you should be doing more active stretches and after a workout do more relaxing stretching

A few of my favorite fitness accounts:


Boho Beautiful : From yoga to pilates I love doing these videos for a quick workout or a warm up for a workout

Blogilates : So many workout videos, but the 1000 rep squat challenges are my favorite! She knows how to work different parts of your muscles from home


My Fitness Pal : I use this app to track my calorie intake, but I really recommend it for setting your calorie goal since it takes into account your height, current weight, and goal weight

Sworkit : I use this app to mix up my strength workouts when I am at home. It has so many functions but I use it mostly for a certain muscle group like abs and set the time for how long I want to work out


Tone It Up : These girls know what kind of body girls want! I love doing their “mermaid” series and working out with them! They are fun and inspirational and make you want to keep going every week!

When it looks like I’m doing a squat but really I’m just about to jump for a cute shot

Sweater : H&M // Leggings : Lululemon // Shoes : Nikes

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  1. Good fitness skills. We should also eat a lot of high protein food during fitness, such as eggs, milk, fish, beef and mutton, and so on. Scientific fitness will make strong body and perfect muscles.


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