How to Wear a Fur Jacket

This past Christmas I wanted this fur jacket so bad so I could wear it for New Years Eve. I was so excited when I unwrapped it and I wore it with a nude body con dress for New Years Eve. I was looking at it hanging in my closet the other day wondering how I would wear it again. So I decided to make a blog post on it. Before winter officially ends, I want to get lots of wear out of all my favorite pieces like this fur jacket.

  1. My first suggestion is the most important. Just do it! I second guessed myself so many times (even on New Years) thinking it was too much. But even if someone thinks it’s too much, it doesn’t matter because someone else may love it. And more importantly if you love it then nothing else matters!
  2. Make that your only statement piece. Wear something more casual like I did with this tank and jeans to keep the only focal point being the jacket.
  3. Make sure the colors match. My jacket is white making it easy to combine with an outfit. While a bright yellow or blue jacket really out there, that definitely more of a “look at me” piece. But if you like it, I would say go for it anyway! Refer back to suggestion 1.
  4. Don’t just stuff it in your closet. On a chilly night out pair it with a cute dress to wear between places when you’re walking outside, you don’t have to wear it all night. Just try it on with random outfits because you’re bound to find a great combo to wear it with!

Fur Jacket : Seattle VIS (similar)

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