Nothing To Wear Syndrome

I’m pretty sure every girl knows that feeling… a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear. If you’re like me you end up with a pile of clothes you tried on only to go back to the original outfit. Or worse, the pile of clean clothes gets mixed up with the dirty ones on “the chair”. Well here are some of my tips for dealing with what I call “nothing to wear syndrome”. Hope they help, add a comment for what you do when you’re not sure what to wear.

  1. Similar details : The ruffles on my shorts and the oversized sleeves compliment each other without over shadowing each other, find similar pieces to pair together
  2. Accessories : Duh! A bag or statement necklace will take a white tee and jeans to another level
  3. Trying New Combos : It may take some time in the mirror, but finding some new outfit combos are worth it!
  4. Mixing tight and slouchy : if your top is tighter make sure your bottoms are not so hip hugging, wear a skirt instead or an oversized sweater and leggings are a great example of this rule!
  5. Go through your closet : Clothes that you’re never going to wear again take up space, throw them away and get some new things to pair your looks with
  6. Borrow from your friends : What else are friends for but to go through their closet? Those strappy heels look perfect with her black silk crop top!
  7. Hair + Makeup are Key : I always do my hair and makeup before I try on a new outfit, I never get a good feel for what it will really look like unless I’m all done up first!
  8. Basics : You can never go wrong with a classic outfit and dress it up

Sweater : Free People // Shorts : Voge Boutique // Necklace : Gorjana

20 thoughts on “Nothing To Wear Syndrome

  1. Your outfit is super cute! Yes, I have this syndrome too … doesn’t every girl ! lol closet full of clothes but still nothing to wear. I enjoyed reading your tips. Will definitely try these out next time I’m having a ‘I have nothing to wear’ moment 😉


  2. I totally have this syndrome and I definitely have “the chair”! I love changing up a look by adding a differently cardigan or jacket!


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