How to Wear a Sweater Vest

So I bought the infamous H&M sweater vest that has been all over Instagram because I really liked it. The small was sold out, but since I like my Fall/Winter tops a bit slouchy I was okay with ordering a medium. I am so glad I did because I it was the perfect amount of fabric so it wasn’t fitted and because I am short I was able to style it almost as a dress. It did take a while to come in though so I felt like I was late on the trend when posting the photos, but I thought I’d share anyway.

I took a poll on my Instagram stories regarding if I should keep it or return it, and the majority said I should keep it so I did. It is actually very comfortable and I could wear the outfit all day. I also wanted to show a few other ways that you can style a sweater vest (via Pinterest).

What’s your favorite piece to wear for Fall?

Inside Fashion Nova

This post is not sponsored and I have no connections with Fashion Nova.

I saw that Fashion Nova was one of the most searched fashion sites and I did not think much of it, probably just a marketing line that was half true. But then I found a site that gathers the most searched topics and when I looked up the broad topic of ‘Fashion’, Fashion Nova came up more than once (probably because Fashion is in the name) which prompted me to write a quick blog post about the well-known company.

Frequently asked questions about Fashion Nova :

There were also a ton of questions regarding Fashion Nova jeans specifically if they were true to size if they stretch, if they shrink, etc. I did not want to answer these because I am so picky about jeans and I have personally never bought a pair so I cannot give any feedback on these.

My Favorite Picks from the site : 


Styling Princess Polly’s Fall Collection

I genuinely enjoy working with Princess Polly on collaborations because I always feel like their pieces are so trendy and on-brand for me. For this collaboration, I was given a discount code ‘Briana’ that you can use for 20% off your purchase. I also posted a mini haul to my Instagram story which you can see in my Princess Polly highlights. I will also be uploading a youtube video asap as well.

It has become clear to me that I am really loving neutrals at the moment. When I saw this dress I was a bit hesitant at first because I knew it was bodycon and I try to steer clear of dresses that hug me when the material is thin. However, I went for it because I knew it would look cute on a “skinny day”. I am so glad I bought it because the material is so soft and it is honesty super flattering. I bought a size 2 for reference.

It screams sass to me and it is easy to also pair it with sandals and wear on a casual day out or a night out with the girls.

This cardigan was an absolute must for me. I love a slouchy cardigan and this one is slouchy sans the thick materials which I definitely don’t need. I saw how it was dressed on the model and I automatically fell in love.

You know how you can like something on a model and then you get it and you are not loving it anymore? Yeah, that did not happen. I absolutely loved everything I received from the dress to my chunky gold necklace. Princess Polly is always a hit for me.


Dress : Kiara Mini Dress // Cardigan : Macy Cardigan // Necklace : Athena Necklace

Friday Faves

It’s another round-up of some links from around the web that I thought I would share. This week, it’s a mix of topics from shopping links (thank me later) to fashion news.

What does your search history look like?

Use my discount code ‘Briana’ for 20% off these boots from Princess Polly

Was digital Fashion week successful? – High Snobiety

What’s happening in Armenia? – Vox

Spooky Cottagecore? I’m here for this H&M collab. – Nylon

Insight on Amy Coney Barrett – Teen Vogue

Need a media kit? Email me for pricing at

I can’t be the only one who wants this woven wall mirror – Urban Outfitters

Friday Faves

Here’s another round-up of some of the links I have found interesting recently from around the web

What is your favorite news source?

Emily Ratajkowski on “Buying Myself Back” – The Blonde Salad

Active Wear and Lounge Wear to rock for Fall – WWW

They had me at ‘Adult Lunchables‘ – The Everygirl

Rayna + Ashley from Girls Gotta Eat talk about their winding down routine – The Newsette

Do you recognize these celebs from Y2K? – Buzzfeed

Top : Zara (similar) // Skort : (similar) // Boots : (similar)

5 Places to Get Knit Shorts

If you saw my Fall wish list post, then you know that I have been into knit shorts. I finally got a pair of my own from Asos, so I wanted to share a few more places that you can get a pair of your own. What I like about them is not only are they comfortable, but they are pretty flattering as well if you get the right size and shape. They are another great transition piece and I think they are pretty easy to style especially when you are lounging at home.

What’s your Go-To Fall piece?


Where to Shop

Asos : This is where I got my shorts

Skims : I also have the boxer briefs from Skims and they are so comfy and easy to lounge in







Pretty Little Thing

Beginning Boutique

Forever 21



Friday Faves

In remembrance of 9/11 and in acknowledgment of all of the chaos that is currently in the world, I wanted to do a Friday Faves that is uplifting and allows for spreading the good. I recommend that you also do one kind thing for another person today and try to make it a goal to do so daily.

Habits for a Happier Life

30 Charities to Donate to Now

How to Honor 9/11

Vogue Commissioned two Black artists for the cover of their September Issue.. the biggest issue of the year








Chrissy Teigen Helps Teacher’s Across America

Compilation of Laughing Baby Videos

134 Acts of Kindness

Friday Faves

I have to start off my Friday Faves with the new Fenty Skin collection. I am a big fan of the makeup line and Rihana’s attention to diversity and detail. I listened to a podcast by The Fat Mascara and I trust their judgment; I also really want to try the SPF moisturizer because I was just thinking the other day that I need a new one that acts as a good primer. Also, a Fat Water Pore-Refining Toner Serum? YES PLEASE. You had me at the name, sign me up.

Eucalyptus in the Shower and its Benefits – An oldie but a goodie

Do you think the voting age should be lowered?

Apparently, Basics know no age gap

It takes 2 minutes to read how you can make the planet a little cleaner

Use code ‘BRIANA18’ for 18% off your purchase at

Instagram Round Up

For any content creators, I always would recommend being posting to multiple platforms. Not only is this good for growth, but at any point, your content can be taken down for any reason. You could be hacked or it may not comply with guidelines, or the platform might not even exist anymore (I’m looking at you Tik Tok). So to keep up with that mentality, I thought I would do a quick round-up from my latest Instagram posts with the clothing linked below. A lot of these items can also be found styled in my latest Youtube videos.

Dress : Princess Polly // Socks : (similar) // Purse : SheIn

Top : Pretty Little Thing // Pants : NastyGal

Top : Shop Dwntwn // Bag : Shop Dwntwn

Top : Pretty Little Thing