I noticed that I have been buying more trendy pieces lately, but I have been more conscious about purchasing neutrals so that I know they will last me longer than just this season and not turn into another fast fashion look. Another way I get more use out of them is by making fashion Tik Toks (@b_wear) because I get to wear the pieces over and over since going out is pretty limited still.

So here are a few trending items that I recently purchased or put into my wish list.

What’s number 1 on your wish list?

Trench Coats

I am lovinggg this trend especially because they are so easy to layer! The one I am wearing is actually vintage because it is my grandma’s. It is a few sizes too big but it’s easy to layer over a cozy sweater.

Combat Boots

Dr. Martens are so on-trend right now, but you can check out these cheaper finds to get the same feel.

Sweater Vests

I’m sure we’ve all seen the infamous H&M sweater vest, but I think cropped sweater vests or ones with houndstooth prints are just as trendy. Bonus point for finding a thrifted one.

Comfy Sets

Stay at home style is still in full effect so comfy sets are all the rage. I am loving this trend as the months (hopefully) get cooler. Where do you usually buy your sleepwear?

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