Haul Acid

I have to say that I was happily surprised that I was able to be gifted with a package from one of my favorite skincare brands – Drunk Elephant. If you missed the unboxing, it is up on my Instagram highlights and I recommend going to watch it because everything about the packaging was on point! I had not tried all of these products yet so I was so incredibly excited as my skin responds really well to Drunk Elephant products. Want to see what I got? Keep Reading.

The Haul Acid Kit comes with 5 products, is cruelty free (yay), and is recommended for normal, dry, oily and combination skin.

The brand focuses on healthy pH levels, formulations the skin recognizes, small molecular structure that’s easily absorbed, and effective active ingredients that also support the skin’s acid mantle. All of their products are designed to be mixed together—what Drunk Elephant calls making a smoothie.

A-Passioni™ Retinol Cream – Good for dark spots, anti-aging, loss of firmness, uneven and dull texture

Retinol Cream is easily one of my skincare must-haves and Drunk Elephant has one of the best!

C-Firma™ Day Serum – Contains Vitamin C, Good for dark spots, uneven skintone and dullness

I love this lightweight serum, I feel like it really seeps into my skin and makes a difference in the brightness and evenness

F-Balm™ Electrolyte Waterfacial – Contains Vitamin F and a Four-Electrolyte Blend

This is my first time trying this one and I applied a small amount. I feel like it really gave my skin a hydrated look and feel!

T.L.C. Framboos™ Glycolic Night Serum – Contains AHA/Glycolic Acid, Good for pores, acne and blemishes

Another first time favorite for me! I loved using this serum and really liked my clear skin in the morning

T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial™ – Improves skin texture and tone

I loved trying this! I really love using chemical exfoliators and I definitely feel like a saw results after the first use

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