Princess Polly

I have been getting a bit more “artsy” with my Instagram posts. 1. Because I like the way that my feed looks overall and 2. because there are only so many things you can do when you are stuck at home. I am so lucky that I have a white sheet that is perfect for creating content in the apartment. That and my tripod have really come in handy!

I recently received some super cute looks from Princess Polly that I had to show! This sweater is one of my new favorites because it is easy to wear out and at home. I love pieces that are so versatile especially ones that come in handy at a time like this since we all have to be home.

Next off I just had to show off these two tones jeans. I have one other pair but none like this. These do have a bit of a wider straight leg which I like because it is so unique and easy to wear.

Princess Polly does tend to run a bit smaller so I sized up in the pants, but I shouldn’t have because these actually do run true to size.

What’s your favorite item from Princess Polly?

Sweater : Princess Polly // Jeans : Princess Polly

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