Friday Faves

So here it is.. time for another round up of my favorite things on the internet right now! Trust me, I’ve had time to explore the internet, I’m sure we all have!

What interesting articles/links have you found?

So what I have been doing on my lunch break is watching the Giant Panda’s cam at the Smithsonian National Zoo! They have a few other animals that I check out as well like Lions, Elephants, and Naked Mole Rats. (Naked Mole Rats? So Random!) Honestly they do not do much but it’s kind of comforting!

Miley Cyrus has started a new Instagram Live series called Bright Minded that you should definitely check out! She has some pretty cool guests and I have been hooked so far! Definitely a must! Also, everyone and their mom is going live (including me) so if you’re out of Netflix shows to watch, check those out!

I have been getting my fashion fix recently from Business of Fashion. Definitely worth subscribing to if you are into keeping up with the back end of fashion.

The Brief History of Influencers as told by CR Fashion Book

Might as well brush up on your fashion education between binging Love is Blind and that new Tiger show

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