Zaful Review

I have always heard of Zaful and I honestly was not sure if this site was something that I should be wary of. When they reached out to me I was a bit skeptical if I am being honest. I have had many sketchy companies reach out to me before and I did not know if this would be one. I knew it may be more legit because I had heard of Zaful before, but I never want to recommend brands that I do not believe in or think have quality products.

I do want to be honest of course first and foremost. These pieces are cheap because they may not be top quality. However, you do get good garments for what you pay for. I do have two more packages coming as part of my collaboration, so I can give a better review after checking out those pieces.

Another thing that I will say is that they had an entire contract for me to fill out and that was a great indicator of the legitimacy of the brand. I have learned much more about contracts and this is super important to me when working with new brands. While I agreed to work with them I always want to be clear with my audience and of course, give them the benefit whether it be with a code or even just the truth.

Based on these two pieces (as I said I have more coming) I think that they weren’t bad quality for the price. While it may not be Chanel, I would put it on a level of Forever 21.

Corduroy Shirt : Zaful 

Forest Green Coat : Zaful

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