Showing off in Showpo

I was lucky enough to work with Showpo again and I just had to get this set. Not going to lie, I can be very picky when it comes to sets. I like the idea of a cute set because you can wear them together or separately, but I want to be able to wear the pieces independently so if I cannot picture the pieces in multiple ways I am less likely to buy them. I am of course a sucker for some pink so this was a no brainer for me.

One thing I will say about Showpo is that you should size down. The last two purchases I have gotten I usually get a size 2 just to be safe, but they are pretty big so definitely size down for a perfect fit!

What’s the best purchase you have made recently?

So when I put on this look I thought, how do I finish it off? It already makes a statement on its own so I don’t’ want to overdo it. Because of the length of the skirt on me, I should not do a bootie and chose to go with a nude heel to elongate my frame as well as keep with a girly vibe.

I also decided to add my box bag with the cow print because I LOVE mixing prints. Something subtle like this with a contrast makes both of the prints stand out on their own.

Where to wear : So I wore this look to a weekend brunch with a few of my favorite LA influencers. We got some bottomless mimosas and I thought it would be a cute look that was both a bit dressy since they are all also influencers, but a bit casual. I am all for a fun weekend outfit!

Showpo : Keep on turning pink gingham set



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