Friday Favorites

It’s that time again! Another round-up of some of my favorite web stories and finds from around the Internet! Crazy just how HUGE the internet really is if you think about it! Okay, I’m just going to hop right in…


What is one of the craziest things you’ve seen on the internet?!


Crying internally because Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are separating! (Insert Tyra Banks clip from ANTM “We were all rooting for you”! But will Miley release another song like Wrecking Ball soon? Only time will tell.. praying for you Miles!

These white pointy heels are to DIE for! I seriously need me a pair of these slingbacks in every color asap. White first, of course.

Can we talk about this rainbow-colored nail trend? If I am being honest, I only like it on shorter nails and they have to be similar colored pastels. Just my opinion, though!

Throwback to my post on how I wore this one x one teaspoon dress two ways. Do you like these kinds of style posts?










Have you seen the new season of GLOW, yet? If I am being honest I was waiting for a season 2 and I totally forgot and how they have released a season 3! Trust me though, I will catch up on both seasons, this show has me hooked on Netflix!


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