Swimsuit Season

It’s that time of year, you either dread it or love it. If you dread it this post is for you! If not this is still for you, haha. Learning what looks best on you takes time, but once you find it, it’s worth it! Its just like jeans!

Here are my tips for swimsuit shopping :

  1. Just because it fits does not mean you should wear it : make sure it compliments your every feature
  2. Ask a friend to be real with you and nice about it because it gets annoying after a while when you can’t find the perfect style
  3. Try multiple places : Don’t worry about the size because different stores will carry different sizing
  4. Don’t settle : Don’t buy something that you are not totally in love with
  5. Accentuate your best feature : if you have no booty like me wear a scrunchy bottom that adds something to the back instead of something that will sag after being in the water
  6. Mix up the sizes : Just because you are small on bottom, does not mean you are a small on top, wear what fits
  7. Vertical Stripes, not horizontal : Elongate, not widen!

Something to keep your tummy looking lean



Support for a bigger chest


One piece : honestly can be for all sizes


Ruffle Bottoms to make your booty look bigger


Accents for bikini tops for a smaller chest


*Click the picture for a direct link

17 thoughts on “Swimsuit Season

  1. These are all really great reminders! I really like what you have to say about how we should emphasize our best features and compliment all our features when making swimsuit purchases.

    Thanks for sharing.


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