How to Thrift Shop

I recently took a trip to Big Texas Thrift in Austin, Texas and it was one of my first real thrift shopping experiences. While I am not huge on thrifting, it is actually a fun activity that is so beneficial! I ended up getting the bag above which was originally from Forever 21 (similar) and a Brandy Melville skirt for $10 total! I tried to link items as similar as possible that are being sold now, but I’m sure they are all not being sold anymore. That is the thing about thrifting, you find great pieces that are not sold anymore.

My first timer tips for thrifting :

  1. Wear neutral clothes : I wore something super neutral so I could try on any piece that I wore and try to visualize the piece as best as I could. (pictured above)
  2. Look forward to next seasons : Even though it’s transition season, I looked through the entire store and tried to find shorts sleeves, long sleeves and shorts as well because those pieces will not be there next time you go!
  3. Take your time : It’s really easy to get discouraged when you can’t find the most amazing pieces. I got really discouraged at first but it takes time to find the good stuff
  4. Don’t have expectations : telling yourself I’m going to find a vintage jean jacket or the perfect fitting jeans is not always realistic, while it would be great if you did, but just let the pieces come to you
  5. Wash your finds : This is a given but very much overlooked. You never know who previously owned your newest blouse and lots of people go through those racks so wash before you wear.

Honorable Mentions

This dress was actually a Vera Wang dress! I was not crazy about the collar but it was a great print! (similar from vineyard vines)

Similar Skirt from Urban Outfitters

Similar Skirt from Lulus

Similar Shorts from SheIn

Similar Coat from SheIn

Brandy Melville Skirt I purchased

Similar Skirt from Lulus

Similar Brown Leather Skirt  from Zappos

Similar Dress from Revolve

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