Flare Jeans

My newest addition to my closet are these adorable bell bottom jeans! It was so hard to find some that fit and while these aren’t even exactly what I had in mind, they come pretty darn close! Guess how much I paid for them? TWENTY DOLLARS! There is this super cool thrift shop in San Marcos, Tx called Vagabond that has a lot of really cool vintage clothes without having to fish them out of the thrift shop. (Learn my tips for thrift shopping HERE.) The only down side is finding your size. But honestly that is everywhere and the guy has the best deals for authentic vintage clothes.

Vintage is one of my favorite trends at the moment! Big bold 70s prints and 90s sweaters are my favorite to rock! Back to my bell bottoms though, I am obsessing over how they look and how flattering wide legs are. I wish they were a tiny bit wider to be honest, but I have to compromise with them hem because I am so short. I linked a few options for where to buy some similar styles, but I would honestly check thrift stores first. Also if you are tall and a bit thinner, you can definitely rock these jeans with almost anything!

Suede Tank : (similar) // Necklace : Forever 21 (similar) // Belt : Tory Burch


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15 thoughts on “Flare Jeans

  1. First off, I love your belt! They go so well with your jeans as well! I need a pair of flare jeans, but I’m thinking maybe flare cropped jeans! Thanks for sharing your inspo!


  2. oooh I love the rust colour of your top – it pairs beautifully with those vintage jeans. I bought the coolest flare jeans from a local designer in Perth (where I live) – check out Remi Lane Designs and have a look at the flare jeans she’s made…you will fall in love haha. xoxo


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