Five Everyday School Outfits

I am always trying to find things that make me and my blog unique. I think one thing that is a little different is that I am a full time college student at a big university. So I decided to pull together some outfits that are each different and easy to wear for school. I wore each of these for my first week back.
(Links under each pic!)
For my first day back I decided to braid my hair and let it dry for something different (check out my healthy hair post HERE) Oversized long sleeves and leggings are definitely my thing for school

It rained on my second day of school so I got to bring out my red Hunter rain boots. I liked the red to stand out and since it was cold I paired it with my plain black North Face jacket.

I tried something different this day, it wasn’t too cold so I just layered a flannel over my long sleeve. I probably would redo this day and wear jeans instead and maybe a cardigan. Either way I am glad I got to wear my white high top Converse.

Athleisure is definitely a huge trend right now, especially for school. I wore my comfy Lulemon cropped wunder unders and an athletic crop top for going running after class. I added a jacket though because it was too cold to just wear a crop top to class!
I hardly ever wear jeans to school, but I felt like doing something a bit different. Plus they go with my Keds perfectly. It was also a hat kinda day for my hair!

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