My Top 7 Style Rules

My fashion rules are some things that are very basic and easy. These are some rules that I go by for me personally, but definitely do what makes you feel your best. Fashion is very subjective and what one thing is good for one person may not work for another person. No matter what, if you love what you are wearing then who cares what anyone else thinks.
1. When folding your jeans, fold them twice so the seam does not show, and make sure it is a smaller fold so your legs look longer
2. When wearing shoes with laces and jeans, make sure your shoes are not bulky so it does not over power your jeans which are already usually of a thicker material, smaller shoes like keds are better than running shoes because of their size
3. Tight on top/ loose on bottom OR tight on bottom/ loose on top
A crop top could go with shorts that are not so skin tight and jeans that are tighter could go with a blouse that flows
4. When buying an item, think first what you will wear it with. This will help you determine not only if you should buy it or not, but if you should get a smaller or bigger size depending on if you will layer it or what items you will put it with
Ex. I get my flannels in medium even though I can fit into a small
5. When wearing leggings, make sure that your shirt or sweater always covers your booty. For my body type I don’t like to wear leggings as pants.
6. Use stripes to play up your angles. If you are shorter like me, stripes should go up and down for the illusion of height, for taller and thinner girls, stripes should be horizontal
7. Lastly, dress for your body type. Know what makes you look your best, because when you look your best you feel your best!

Sweater: Pac Sun Kendall & Kylie Collection (similar)

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