3 Must Try San Antonio Coffee Shops

Even though I don’t like coffee, I love to drink Chai lattes and eat some sweets! While I am in San Marcos, I love to get my studying done at cute coffee shops and cute little unique places! It helps me concentrate for some reason. Like working out in your favorite outfit somehow makes you want to go harder!
I went to a few new places in San Antonio and loved them, so I thought I would share! This is kind of a long post, (but worth the read) so this will count as my two posts for the week! Lastly, each title has a link to their website that can give directions to their location, happy eating!

I came here to try my first acai bowl, and I got my inspiration for this post from coming here! Back to the acai bowl, I fell in LOVE with this stuff! It is better then frozen yogurt to me, and the drizzle of honey on top made all the difference! I’ll probably recreate the bowl soon because it was so good! This place is not a typical coffee shop, but has a very modern and contemporary feel. I loved it though and cannot wait to go again!


This place is more common for their s’mores but I had to try them for myself! Every year I invite my friends over for s’mores, but I decided to try this out instead. I love the quaintness of this spot and how it is downtown as well. The food and the s’mores were great, and I love how they even have a few board games to play! (We attempted scrabble)

Let’s all take a second and recognize the calories lost by eating this wonderfully delicious chocolate chip scone. I would gladly “waste” my calories at their bakery any day! Now this is how to do sweets! This spot is super coffee-shop-esque and I loved my latte and dessert. There is also a big cuddly teddy bear to enjoy white eating. Definitely a place I would love to study at!

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