The Influencer Series

I have been going live on Instagram about twice a week with a few of my favorite LA-based influencers talking about how they got started as an influencer and touching on a topic of their choice. The talks were about 20-minutes at most and I have rounded up some of the best quotes from each one. See below some helpful tips, tricks, hacks and more below from your favorite influencers on IG:

Esther from @itsestherlane:

“I think influencing is a great cross-promotion for my acting career. You never know who’s going to stumble across your Instagram, Youtube, video, or Tik Tok!”

“My favorite brand collab is always the collaboration I have at the moment. I’m beyond grateful for brands that WANT to work with me.” -Esther

Esther’s Instagram Live was on her acting career

Gina from @TeenieGenieStyle:

“I took blogging seriously from day 1. Once I made the decision to do it, I ran with it. I haven’t looked back ever since.” -Gina

Gina’s IG Live was on Marketing tactics and how her career comes in handy when it comes to influencing.


Lena from @pullingraviity

“Don’t wash your face three or four times a day. Twice is enough so you do not strip your skin of its natural oils.” -Lena

Lena’s IG Live was on influencing and skincare


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