Denim Guide with 1822 Denim

I was able to do a collaboration with 1822 denim just in time for Spring! I really wanted to focus on sharing the great quality of these two pairs of jeans that I received as well as showing a few more of my favorite styles from 1822. There are so many different styles to chose from and since they are sold at Nordstrom you can either buy them online or in store!

Let’s start out with the ‘Destructed Chewed Up Hem in Greg‘. These were my favorite of the two because of the cool asymmetrical hem. I love how they have minimal distressing since I really am not a big fan of overly distressed jeans. I like jeans with holes but I hate when they have huge white patches! Just so unappealing to me! Because of the hem, I could see these paired with some cute heels or sandals since they are the perfect length on me!

The other jeans I received were the Flex denim four-way stretch in Giovanna. They were not playing about the four-way stretch! They definitely have some give but not enough to where you can feel them losing shape over time. These are a great classic pair of jeans! So comfortable and a necessity since you should always have a simple pair of skinny ankle jeans.

Use code ‘briana.nicole0320 for 20% off your purchase! 


Here are a few more of my favorite pair of jeans worth checking out especially since Spring is coming up.










Coated jeans are a must! I really wanted a pair of these but they are just way too much of a top seller! These are perfect for a night out or even professional casual!

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