Dressing Room Diaries : Wasteland

I went to Wasteland on Melrose because there are so many great finds there! From vintage tees to these super cool Stella McCartney shoes that I wanted so bad (but they were too big) and name brands galore, it’s one of the best places to go “thrifting” if it even qualifies. I really just wanted to go look for some fun pieces to shoot and I started taking pictures of my outfit and then I thought, hey why don’t I make this its own post on the blog! So here we are…

Let’s go piece by piece. I will try to link similar pieces but there is no telling if these pieces are still being sold! That’s what makes them great finds! Also if the pairing of the top and bottom is a bit different it’s just because I did not plan to match them or make a blog post, I made due with what I bought into the dressing room!

This romper looked gorgeous on the hanger and it felt so good on too! I like how it was short and the sleeves were asymmetrical and lace which was so fun! It took a little time to get into but it was worth it!

Why I didn’t get it : it wasn’t everything I envisioned when I actually put it on even though I really liked it! I wanted the material to be a bit different as well so I wasn’t exactly ready to drop the $150 for something I wasn’t totally in love with!

This top was one of my favorites! I had been wanting a top like this from For Love and Lemons for a while! I saw this one and I loved it and it had a great color. I have been really into these kinda bralettes recently and bought a similar one from Victoria Secret.

Why I didn’t get it : even though I loved the color, I was not crazy about the back. I wanted the lace to wrap all the way around. Also, as I mentioned I did just get a similar bralette from Victoria Secret so I was not exactly looking for a new one.

The black skort was also a favorite of mine because it is one of those basic pieces you just need. I actually would wear this outfit with some heels for a night out! It was made of great material and was not boxy at all which is what I have a hard time with when I shop skirts. It actually tapered in a tiny bit at the top so that it would be flattering and I would like to personally thank the maker of the skirt for that feature!

Why I didn’t get it : I already have a black leather skirt and while this one is different, I do not wear the other one often enough. This is a basic piece that I know I can find cheaper somewhere like forever 21 or H&M.

This golden skirt caught my eye and was the very first piece I picked out at Wasteland. I adore the velvet and the color and I know I could style it easily. The small peplum at the bottom is really what sold me on it! Plus it is another piece by For Love and Lemons and let me tell you I love that brand!

Why I didn’t get it : The only reason I did not buy this one is because it was too big and I did not want to buy something I would have to pay more for to get altered. Plus I’m not sure how it would look after altering velvet!

How cute is this velvet, burnt orange top?! I was obsessed as soon as I saw it. It has a great crop and a slight shoulder puff. The v neckline is my favorite detail as well! Such a great color and I can totally see myself wearing it out at night or paired with some jeans and gold jewelry during the day! Plus this is actually really great material as well!

Why I didn’t get it : I really thought about going back for this one actually! But I just got a similar skirt for Christmas! Same color, not velvet, but also cropped. So I shouldn’t have duplicate pieces to shoot.

Okay, so this outfit was more for fun than anything! I think I would shoot a look like this for fun but I would not really wear the pieces anywhere after. The skirt just looked cool to me and I liked the silhouette of it so I wanted to try it on since I predicted it would look good on me! The lace-up white tee just looked cool also and I knew it would pair well with the skirt.

Why I didn’t get it : I wasn’t sold on the tee even though I usually am a sucker for a white tee! And as I said the skirt was just fun to try on! I thought it was different so I had to just add it to my fitting room haul!

Thanks for reading, let me know if I should make this a series or stick to simply shooting looks!

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