Coffee Talk : What I do as a Public Relations Intern

Okay, while I’m not exactly an intern anymore, I still have a hard time considering myself a full time employee. Techinically I am a free lance PR agent. I wanted to answer this because I always get a lot of questions from my friends and family about what I do exactly. I never thought about answering this on the blog but I thought it would be a good idea for my new Coffee Talk series. Also who can resist a good blog post while hanging out at a cute coffee shop like Alfred’s Coffee? My ideal Sunday afternoon!

Public relations is very different from advertising. Advertising is when you pay to get your message to the target audience and public relations requires a lot of pitching and proper wording. I work for an agency that deals directly with artists. The agency serves as a middle man connecting an artists (painter, sculpter, etc.) to the press.

I build a lot of media lists which is just a list of media contacts. I send emails to writers, journalists, editors and segment producers about what our creative clients are working on; whether it be an exhibition, new art piece or event. I also work largely on their social media content.

Public relations really is just a liason between a client and their target audience by means of media interaction.

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23 thoughts on “Coffee Talk : What I do as a Public Relations Intern

  1. I’d love for you to go more in-depth on how you differentiate PR from advertising to your media contacts. As a blogger, I always end up on PR lists that are unrelated to me and I’d love to learn more about that industry vs marketing.


    1. They are different because PR is free advertising like I said. It’s really about networking and gaining exposure through contacts that hopefully become personal. PR lists should still be tailored to a specific audience, never random. I would definitely do more PR work if you’re starting off as a blogger, and then move into marketing your brand for yourself.


  2. I majored in PR so this was fun for me to read. I do advocacy work now (I live in DC) but I was always so glad for my PR background because it’s so helpful in so many aspects of political advocacy!


  3. It is very interesting how different PR, marketing and advertising are – but also how they intertwine and work together! I work with students who staff a full-service PR and marketing agency, as well as a student staff of advertising executives, and I love to see the ways we can collaborate!


  4. I am currently a senior public relations student at the University of Oregon, for one, looking to start my own blog so it’s fun to view yours! For two, I am looking into internships for post-graduation right now. Thank you for sharing what you do on a daily basis. Honestly, I have been feeling a little overwhelmed with the idea of a full-time job simply because I don’t even feel like I know what I am doing yet! It’s nice to hear about your experience and what an internship has looked like for you- it is making me more comfortable and actually excited for my own career one day! Thank you!


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