Finding Your Style

Style, noun : a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed

Everyone has their own personal style, sometimes finding yours is the hardest part. I always used to see bloggers style and think to myself, “I want to dress like that” but I did not know how. So I started to take apart their outfits individually in my mind. What pieces did I like specifically? Did I like the piece itself or how it fit her? Would that piece look the same on me? Well that is where I should start off.

Finding your style is not always about the pieces. Its about how they look on you. If you like how you look in your clothes then go for it! If you do not, I would recommend looking up girls that have similar body shape as you do and seeing what they look good in! Whether it be stalking Instagram bloggers or asking girls you know where they got their clothes, thisis where you start.

Once you find what you look good in its about the pieces you wear. Pieces tend to have their own feel for the most part. Something with a thicker material or a chiffon is going to be more for a weekend wear or going out, slacks may be for professional wear and sweat pants are for leisure. So find three words that would describe your style; my words would be Girly, Bright and Playful. So when I shop I do not shop for clothes that are dull in color, but I look for pieces that have ruffles and fun prints and pieces you do not see on everyone. Find your three words and if you find a clothing piece that you can describe with those three words then that can determine if that is what you want to fill your closet.

It really is about what you like. If you like something on another girl, chances are you are going to like the piece when you see it hanging on the hanger in the retail store. Ask them where they got their clothes, keep tabs on your favorite online stores.

Mainly just find what you love, wear what you feel great in, and enjoy it!

Top : Urban Outfitters // Jeans : Levi’s // Shoes : Jack Rogers // Earrings : Morning Lavender

19 thoughts on “Finding Your Style

  1. Great post! I love these types of posts because it is so important (and fun) to find what works for you 🙂


  2. I love this! It can be so tempting to try to copy what is “in”, but trends aren’t always what is most flattering!


  3. These are fabulous tips! It’s all about feeling good with the outfits you wear. 🙂 And the outfit you’re wearing here is so beautiful!


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