Tie Front Crops + 10 Things I’ve Learned in College

Pink Cupcake ATM’s are made for taking pictures in front of! Am I right?! I loved how cute this is and I wanted to take pictures here since I heard about it. Okay on to the crop tops! I love the front tie because it looks so flattering on a variety of body types! Small and big chested can wear this top easily and you can always wear a high waisted bottom if you’re uncomfortable to rock it. I liked wearing shorts to counter the long bell sleeve of my top. I also like the length of the sleeves because it shows just enough skin!

As college has officially come to an end, I wanted to share ten things I have learned in my years here. Four years is actually such a short time if you think about it, but I miss it and it’s all filled of such great memories. These are some things that I think I would not have learned if I had not have come to such a diverse university and I am grateful for the things that have happened for me.

  1. Don’t Judge : There are so many people in the world and what my mom told me is the world needs every one of them to function no matter how weird, different or unique
  2. Be Involved : The more you do the more fun you will have. Be involved in multiple organizations and get even more involved in those organizations and you will get even more out of it.
  3. Be Open : Try new things, do new things, that is how you grow and life is going to force you to grow so you might as well be more open to it and let things easily come and go.
  4. Get Out of the Room : Binge watching Netflix is great, but on a nice sunny day go outside to the pool, invite a friend somewhere, you get more out of life when you make memories instead of just being home alone
  5. Try Your Best when Studying : There are a few classes I know for sure I could have made an A in but I made B because I did not give it my all, what is the point of knowing so much if you do not give it everything you have?
  6. Take a Mental Health Day : Sometimes you need to skip that class, eat an entire pizza and put on a face mask. Every once in a while you need a reset button to just take life head on
  7. Don’t Talk About Others : Okay this is a big one, people talk and you are not in high school anymore. Talking about people does not make anything change so accept people for who they are and move on with your life.
  8. There will be Bad Days, But you will also have Good Ones : Keep your head up, bad things are going to happen but just as suddenly as they do good things do as well, keep that in mind when the bad ones happen.
  9. Form A Schedule : Every day or two I make a point to go to the gym and I look forward to that, I live by my planner and it keeps me organized and knowing when I have free time and when I don’t makes a world of difference.
  10. Go to Church : My first years here I never went but Junior year I started going to bible studies and it made a world of difference. My last year I went to mass instead of non-denominational services and bible studies and it felt like home. Do the things that make you happy and feel like home.

Top : (similar) (similar) // Shorts : Levi’s // Bag : Nordstrom (similar)



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