Kissing 2017 Goodbye!

This year has truly gone by so fast! I love watching the end of the year commercials because they wrap up everything that has happened! I always try to plan out who I’m spending my NYE with thinking that’s who I am going to be closest with in the coming year. What I realized this year is that it’s just another fun holiday and that does not mean anything. So while I am going to spend it with my friends, I am not going to put too much pressure on it!

Jacket : VIS // Dress : Pretty Little Things // Shoes : Steve Madden

What I am doing is getting dressed up and going out. I love getting dressed up and being able to go out with a big group of friends is my favorite! I thought of a few tips I wanted to share incase you’re going out this NYE!

  1. Long lasting lip stain is the way to go! Obvious, but for a special night like this, better safe than sorry
  2. Find my friends is my savior! There is always someone walking off when you are in a big group, so make sure you all have each other’s location for the night!
  3. Bring sparklers! NYE pictures are not the same without them!
  4. Go all out in what you’re wearing since it’s New Year’s! But, make sure that you are still comfortable enough to enjoy the night!

Here’s another cute outfit for inspiration, the more sparkle the better!



NYE by bri-trev featuring a glitter dress


Sparkly dress

WithChic glitter dress
$37 –

River Island gemstone jewellery
$19 –

Accessorize beading jewelry
$14 –


Bar tool
$28 –


Thank you for a great blog year, I cannot wait to share even more blog posts, outfits and inspiration this coming year!

16 thoughts on “Kissing 2017 Goodbye!

  1. That faux fur jacket is definitely a must to help keep you warm. We don’t usually go out on NYE, too many idiots out that can ruin your night.


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