Statement Pieces : Leather

My favorite part about making an outfit is a statement piece. I honestly just look for statement pieces whenever I shop and then throw some basics on with it to compliment it. Whether it be embroidered denim, a flashy clutch, or thigh highs, there should always be a main piece. It is easy to spot a main piece because it is the part of the outfit you know will get the most compliments. That is how I judge whether a piece is cute enough is if it is something people do not often see. Leather is definitely one of those materials that is usually a great statement piece!

Can we just talk about this skirt for a sec? Like not only is it the perfect faux leather, but I am obsessed with the ruffles! The ruffles add a feminine touch which I am definitely all about! I love it and I cannot get enough ruffles! Also, the way the dress flaps over at the front is one of my favorite features as well. This look went well with a plain gray tee and booties which are my basic pieces to compliment my statement piece. Having too many statement pieces in one outfit can get to gaudy or take away the attention from the other piece, a good mix is everything!

Gray Tee : Abercrombie (similar) // Leather Skirt : Bloomingdales (ON SALE) // Booties : similar

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