Fitness Tips for College

I’ve made a post like this before, but I have been thinking about tips I would actually try at school. Between having a social life and keeping up with school fitness always seems to be tough to keep up with. I have a few new tips and tricks for keeping in shape during the school year. Leave a comment to share your favorite fitness routines or go-tos for the school year.

  1. Take the long way around campus : leave to class a bit early and walk up that extra flight of stairs or bike ride to class, it all adds up in the end
  2. Set a goal : Whether you’re counting your steps or working out for 30 minutes every other day, once you finally consistently reach your goal always set a new one to push yourself
  3. Take the fitness classes at the rec : That’s one way to stay active, but it also gives you something to look forward to and to people to meet, who doesn’t love new friends? Besides it is there for you to use and you’re paying for it, try it!
  4. Get a fitness app : Who actually has the time to keep track of all of your good and bad habits? Not me! Let the app track everything for you from your calories to your fitness habits, get an app like MyFitnessPal to help track it all.
  5. Drink lots of water : Taking a cup of ice water to class is my favorite thing to do because it is a constant reminder to keep hydrated which is good inside and out!
  6. Buy good snacks : don’t wait to eat until you are starving to eat, and when you really need to eat you will already have a healthy choice in hand

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