Dorm Decor Under $30 + Roommate Tips

I have just a few back to school posts in the making! For this post I wanted to share some cute dorm/apartment decor items that I am loving. Your space should always be unique to YOU. Functional but still stylish. All of the items are from Target of course because that is one of my favorite places to shop!

I also wanted to share a few tips for having roommates. Whether your roommates live down the hall or in the same room, these simple tips still apply!

  1. Make “rules” clear when you first move in : to keep things from getting messy later on, make sure to let each other know your pet peeves. Lights out after 12, clean up after yourself, or not to use each other’s blankets without asking will help in the long run.
  2. Sticky notes or a dry erase board is helpful : Being able to write notes to each other like, “at a study session, I’ll be home late” is helpful and courteous and less intrusive than a text.
  3. Sharing is caring : sharing your basic items is nice and you never know when you will need some of her items as well. Do not give up your things, but giving her a tylenol for a headache is just the nice thing to do.
  4. Clear communication is key : If they are loud or annoying tell them exactly what they are doing and come to a compromise. It is not all about you or them, but making the space fun and enjoyable for each of you.
  5. Let each other know when friends are coming : Nothing is worse than walking into the room with a huge shirt and panties when your roommates date is over. Enough said.
  6. Keep your space clean : You’re old enough to keep your things in order, keeping things clean will push your roommate to pick up after herself as well.

Metal Marquee Letter

Star Marquee

Cream Mongolian Faux Fur Throw Pillow

Tuffed Accent Rug

Yay Letter Vase Set

Shower Caddy with Handle



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