Summer Dazeeee


Seeing as summer is half way through, I thought I would give a few ideas of some fun things to do before it was over. I cannot wait for my trip to California, but while I am waiting I know there is a few fun things I can do with my friends and family to not waste the time here in San Antonio. These ideas can go for anyone anywhere, so read on and let me know what you think in the comments below!
1. Go Swimming : what’s summer if not by the pool?
2. Spend the Night at a friend’s : Sleepovers are cool no matter the age!
3. Do something fun that can only be found in your area : i.e. The Marketplace Downtown on a Saturday for me
4. Go for a hike : Double points since you get a workout in
5. Go for a road trip! : See previous post
6. See someone you have not seen in a while
7. Pack a basket and have a picnic
8. Go camping in your backyard : No bears right?
9. Have a spa day : Nothing sounds more relaxing
10. Go zip lining or paint balling : someone you could not usually do during the week


Blouse : Abercrombie // Shorts : Target // Sandals : Tory Burch // Jewelry : Kendra Scott (necklace & earrings)

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