Road Trippin’

What is the perfect getaway without breaking the bank? A road trip! Packing the car full of blankets and snacks is perfect whether it is for the day or as long as a week! You get to see so many places along the way that the ride is just as great as the destination.

I just found out about this really cool peer-to-peer car rental company I wanted to share with you. It is called Turo! You can rent from local car renters at your destination, or even put your own car up to be rented! Another great thing about Turo is that people leave their playlists for the next renter to use. I would love to leave my playlist. It is kind of like you’re sharing your trip with the next group of people.

Speaking of playlists… Here is my super girly, half throwbacks, yelling the lyrics at the top of your lungs playlist for a great roadtrip!
Taylor Swift : Blank Space
Lady Gaga : Bad Romance
Nicki Minaj : StarShips
Brittany Spears : Stronger
Ke$ha : Tik Tok
Demi Lovato : I Really Don’t Care

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