My Favorite Lush Products

I think everyone deserves some pampering every once in a while! While my skin responds well to almost any mask or shower gel, I prefer more natural products. Lush has the cutest bath bombs and masks that I can clearly see the difference. They also do not test their products on animals and are homemade (you can actually see the name of the person who made the product).

I love the smell of mint and how it feels on my skin. It just feels clean to me! I don’t just place this mask on my skin but I rub it in so I can exfoliate with the Primrose seeds before letting it set.

There are soooo many types of bath bombs! I love them all because of there smell and color! Also it’s calming in itself to just watch them dissolve in the water! Also I don’t think you should do this but I get pieces of the bath bombs and rub them on my skin to get some of the scent on me!

I had never tried Lush’s shower jelly before, but I recently did just because I received it as a gift and I fell in love! The scent of this is my absolute favorite of my current Lush products! It is super soothing and I feel so clean and fresh after every use! I use this more then any body wash I’ve ever had!

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