My Anxiety Story + My Tips

Sophomore year of high school was a tough year for me. Not for the regular high school reasons, we had a pretty chill class, but because that was the year I was “diagnosed” with anxiety. I put that in quotations because no one really flat out said I had anxiety, it was just a guessing game to figure out what was wrong.

I spent more days at home and at the doctor than in school, and the days I did go to school I would never make it through the day to the end. It was hard for me to miss school work and always feel embarrassed for hiding my phone to text my parents to get me AGAIN.

There are different kinds of anxiety. When I get anxious I feel sick and like something is wrong. The fastest way to get me to feel better is to be in a comfortable area and lay down, but that is hardly ever an option. Hence the second part of my anxiety, social anxiety. I don’t mind talking in front of people, I actually love being in social situations! But when I am anxious and cannot leave a situation I would have a melt down.

My parents were really helpful and supportive and there were numerous times that I was taken to the hospital because you really feel like something is terribly wrong with you but you cannot put your finger on it. I am thankful that they always believed me and how fast they can calm me down on the really bad days. I now take medicine for it everyday and honestly it feels like I don’t have anxiety anymore… except for my few bad days. I am thankful that all of that is behind me and I can go places and do things again without worrying and constantly canceling plans. I am also so thankful that pushed me to understand myself better and to be a better more caring person. Anxiety turned out to be a small blessing in disguise.

I wanted to share some of my tips to get over anxiety that I have learned along the way. These can be used for people who don’t have anxiety as well!

1. Push yourself. Constantly push yourself a little more each time. I used to never go out, but when I did I would go for a little bit then leave, and the next time stay a little longer. Your tolerance gets stronger

2. Wait it out. Just like life, the bad times do not last forever, a meltdown cannot last forever, so just wait until it is over.

3. Remove yourself from the situation and then come back. Always go back, this was the hardest part for me because I never wanted to leave a class and then come back when I could because I thought it would happen again. But it is worth the try!

4. Distract yourself and be positive. In a bad moment, count your blessings. This is another thing that applies to life. Focus on the good and not the struggle, it makes everything a little more bearable.


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