How to NOT be a Totally Poor College Student

I am currently riding what I call the “struggle train”, which means that as a college student I tend to be low on funds. I always seem to make it by with the help of my mom and dad, and then their help again later in the month… and again later in the month again. *insert awkward emoji*
I swear I have good money management, but somehow I end up always being crazy low on money for some weird reason! I thought I’d share some tips that I recently have learned, as well as ones I have yet to try out.
1. When you go grocery shopping have a list. Think about what you want and buy those things you will eat. Do NOT buy on a whim. I recently did that and spend wayyyyy over my budget.
2. Round Up. When you buy a coffee for $6.01 that 1 cent will also count, not just the $6. So when you’re wondering why you have low funds at the end of the month, remember change adds up!
3. Going on with that, save your change! That 99 cents can be a taco tomorrow morning, or a piece of gum to make your breath smell better before seeing that guy in chem. Change added up over time can even buy you a swim suit at the end of the semester!
4. I’m probably stating the obvious by make a budget! Only go out to eat with your friends once a week and spend no more then $15. Honestly there is plenty of free things to do. Netflix, tanning, doing homework together, going swimming, do something different. This will keep your calories down too!!
5. Lastly, save your money. Even if it is $5 a month, put as much as you can in your savings at the beginning of the month. Do NOT touch it! You never know when you will really need that spare cash for a doctors appointment or a late bill.

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