Festival Style

Happy 1st day of Spring!
With this lovely weather comes awesome music festivals! SXSW just finished but there are still tons of places to visit and listen to music. I attempted to go to the free SXSW events this year. They were definitely worth going to and fun, but for a real experience I would advise to buy a pass! That would really make a huge difference in the amount you get to see and do.
My biggest dream would definitely going to Coachella! That lineup is amazing, and California is just so perfect! I feel like the tickets are pretty cheaply priced honestly, the flight, hotel, and transportation would be my biggest issue!
I’m definitely such a girly girl this outfit is about as grunge as I would ever get. I love it though because it is simple and still in my style comfort zone. The bandana definitely makes it, and bandanas are definitely a thing right now too.

Bandana : MadeWell // Booties : Lucky Brand

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