Pretty Little Thing

I was fortunate enough to collaborate with one of my favorite fashion brands, Pretty Little Thing. I definitely had to show off these items again because I loved how the pictures came out. If you saw my recent PR Haul, then you have already seen these items and if you follow me on Instagram (@briana.nicole03) then you also may have seen these images but I wanted to talk about them a little more in depth!

Pleather Shorts : So I love how comfy and cute these shorts are! They are super flattering, but the one thing that I would say is that they do get a little hot because of the material.

Black Blazer : I was worried for a second because I thought the material would be a bit thicker like the product shot, but when I put it on I loved how it looked and it did look like how it did on the website after all!

Shirt Dress : I absolutely love how this looked on me, it doesn’t look like much when I unboxed it, but when it put it on it really did come to life! This is why it is so important to try things on because when you see how it looks on you or on a model it really makes you fall in love with the piece

Long Belt : I have been wanting one of these belts for a while now but I didn’t really have much of a need for it until I saw a similar belt paired with this shirt dress! Definitely a must!

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