Off-White Resort 2021

This week’s posts will be focused on Resort 2021 collections that I wanted to review. You can view the full Off-White’s Resort 2021 Collection here. All opinions are my own and all pictures are taken from

Virgil Abloh has quickly become a household name, known for DESCRIPTIVE streetwear, this collection does not disappoint. “I thought of this muse, sort of half businessman, half youthful teenager—and how they can crash together,” says Abloh about this collection.

For me, the collections have gotten better and better over time, my favorite being Women’s Fall/Winter 2020, and have me wanting to cut perfectly symmetrical oversized holes in my black denim pants to achieve a similar perforated look. As always, the collection achieves a balance of muted and vivid design that is uniquely wearable. Strategic bursts of color can be seen throughout the collection; from a light pink pleated and frilled cold-shoulder dress paired with a distinctive pair of black peep-toe sock heels, matching light pink cap and immense gold chain earrings to a red double-breasted women’s suit with matching pencil skirt with a  pair of Fuschia-colored peep-toe sock heels covering only the first toe.

For an imitation look be sure to have a pair of gold door-knockers and a black ball cap to compliment your outfit.

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