When Does your

When I put on this outfit I thought it would be a little too old for me. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am 24 years old and I think if I am too old for the teeny-bopper looks or if I am too young to be dressing like someone with an established career. I think I should be dressing as if I were in my thirties sometimes because you want to set yourself up for success… however, if I grow my abs you can definitely catch me in some hip huggers!

At what age do you have to change your style?

Does it depend on the trend and making it fit your body type? Making it merge into your own personal style? Where is the line drawn before your family and friends call in Stacy London for a wardrobe makeover?

I remember going over to my highschool boyfriend’s house once and his mom came out wearing one of her 16-year-old daughter’s dresses! I’m not sure how they fit into the same size dress but even my mom was appalled when she opened the door in a zebra printed number! Now that one was obvious, but for me I think the lines are blurred.

Right now I think I can pull off both and wear whatever I would like, probably around thirty things will change, and in a good way as well. I probably won’t want to wear the same pieces anyway!

Dress: Zara


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