Urban Outfitter’s Haul

I’ve been asking for some inspiration and some recommendations on my Instagram stories a lot and it took a while to gather an outfit to post! I haven’t really found clothing I have really wanted to shoot or a cool look that I haven’t tried yet. I went up and down Melrose and searched my regular websites and still had no idea as to what I wanted to wear! Finally, I went to Urban outfitters and rediscovered why I like them so much! The bigger Urban Outfitters are a must because they have the best pieces!


Twist Front Blouse $59

Urban Renewal Remnants Linen Tie-Shoulder Mini Dress $49


Urban Outfitters is one of those cool girl/artistic style stores that are easily accessible for everyone. Usually, they are found at a mall so you don’t have to worry about sizing or having to guess what it would look like on you. Honestly, I forgot about just how great the store was! Not only do they have good finds but also the staples are such great quality!

The only thing about Urban Outfitters is it can be a bit pricey. But when you do have some good prices and some really great quality it makes it all worth it!

Harrison Ruched Crop Cami $19

This crop was on sale and definitely a summer closet necessity!

Textured Tiered Ruffle Baby Doll Dress $59

Girlfriend Belt $29

Cassia Puff Sleeve Mini Dress $69

Ordinarily I wouldn’t have tried on this dress because I get ‘grandma’ vibes.. but it is one of those where you have to just imagine what it could be and when I saw it on with the layered necklaces I fell in love with the silhouette on me.

This dress was from the Betsy Johnson x Urban Outfitters collection and I saw it and loved how different it was. This is the opposite of the dress above because I liked it on the rack but did not totally fall in love with it on. Still a cute find though!

Allover Bow Mini Dress $89

Is there any other places you would like me to do a try on? I actually love making these kinds of posts! Leave me a comment or recommendation down below!

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