Lounge Underwear

Blog collabs are always one of my favorite things to do! I am always careful about the collabs I engage with because I try to pick products that I believe in, that my audience will want to know about, will actually try, and will be fun to shoot! Lounge Underwear is no exception! I actually reached out to this amazing brand because I have always wanted one of these types of sets and I knew it would be super comfy and picture perfect! Well, it paid off for sure!

I got the set in the khaki colored triangle thong and matching bra both in a size small and it fit perfectly! Not only were they comfortable, but they were also flattering! Okay, so I know underwear is one of those items that you get for you! You can have cute little hearts or zig zags and you usually do not care because you’re just trying to make it through the week. BUT I think it is so important to have some that you just feel good in! These are so it!





While I was gifted with the ones that have loungewear on them (which I loveeee) there are also pieces that are dainty, colorful, and more! Check them all out HERE!

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